Papillon Dogs: Toy Dogs for the Ages

Papillon dogs have faces that are vaguely reminiscent of butterflies, which is where they get their name. ‘Papillon’ is derived from the French noun for the English word ‘butterfly.’ The name is appropriate in more ways than one. Butterflies are light, pretty, and come across as happy and energetic, at least according to human perceptions. Papillon dogs embody all of those characteristics for real.

Papillon DogsThe fur on their ears and faces is arched in a way that is reminiscent of the wings of butterflies. Overall, Papillon dogs have very long and very sleek fur that requires very careful grooming or it starts to look shabby and rough. Owners that aren’t especially keen on grooming their dogs regularly probably shouldn’t get Papillon dogs. However, owners that want dogs that are pretty and don’t mind putting in the effort to keep them that way will certainly appreciate Papillon dogs.

Papillon dogs come in five different colors, and their fur coats are usually not solid in terms of color. However, most people are going to recognize the Papillon dogs that have a reddish coloration combined with white patches. These are perhaps the most iconic of the Papillon dogs. However, people that like Papillon dogs should be able to easily find a type of Papillon dog that matches their exact aesthetic sensibilities.

In terms of popularity, Papillon dogs are fairly middle-of-the-road. The American Kennel Club ranks them as number forty-three on the list of the most popular dogs, which is reasonably high considering the number of dogs that are recognized by the American Kennel Club. Many people are drawn to Papillon dogs on the basis of their appearance and their temperament.

Caring for Papillon dogs

People that live in the city will be able to keep Papillon dogs. One of the great things about small dogs like these is the simple fact that they can live comfortably in the city and they can live comfortably in the suburbs and the country as well. People who move around a lot won’t have any problems relocating with their Papillon dogs. Papillon dogs are well-adjusted little creatures, and they should be able to follow their owners from place to place easily enough.

Getting a walk every day is important for Papillon dogs, but they don’t need significantly more exercise than that. Plenty of larger dogs need to be given tasks to do every day, but Papillon dogs don’t have to be challenged to the same degree. Owners who enjoy playing with their Papillon dogs will already be able to give them a lot of exercise, as well as a lot of companionship. Papillon dogs enjoy playtime and they enjoy open displays of affection, since they are also prone to giving them.

Papillon Dogs and Health

All dogs are going to vary in terms of the health problems that they’re at risk for, and some dogs are going to be at risk for a broader range of health problems than others. As dogs go, Papillon dogs are relatively healthy. They have a maximum lifespan of seventeen years, which is nearly double the average lifespan of many dogs. The people who want to be able to keep their dogs with them for as long as possible will appreciate dogs like Papillon dogs.

Papillon dogs are more prone to dental problems than many other dogs, which is partly due to their very small jaws. Their teeth are going to be more prone to crowding, which is going to influence their long-term dental health. Some pet owners may need to specifically take them to canine dentists in order to help preserve their long-term dental health, although some veterinarians are willing to perform that service for their patients.

Papillon dogs belong to a surprisingly old dog breed. The centuries that they have had in order to breed has no doubt strengthened the health of the overall group. Some of them can get allergies and back problems, but there are few dog breeds who don’t experience problems that have a similar level of severity. Papillon dogs are great choices for people who want dog breeds that aren’t going to cause them too much worry. People who want cheerful, energetic, affectionate dogs will love their Papillon dogs even more.